Calvin's consultancy

Moving more than forward

Calvin L. Battle loves people and has the insight and inspiration to help you
find your mark and unleash your potential. With his more than 20 years of
experience, working with a number of major companies to increase
performance, traveling over 50 different countries, meeting with heads of
state and advising governments he lives to serve. Calvin has helped
countless people find their mark, move forward, and he!ll help you find yours
Passion, purpose and pragmatism is the formula he uses to inspire his
audiences to move forward with a greater sense of clarity and intention.
Speaking with a perspicacity that will not only empower but electrify. When
Calvin takes the stage, he delivers a presentation of Destiny, that leads
towards a success and a fulfillment that launches people towards
their “why”.
Above all, Calvin believes that every single person has an ultimate purpose,
he calls a “Destiny”, to fulfill. By the end of his message, your audience will
believe it too. Moreover, they will leave ready to move forward